Urban Planning and GIS are our professional expertise as well as our commitment to improve the quality of life for everyone through the enhancement of the following areas for our cities and communities:


   • Greenspace

   • Traffic and inner city circulation

   • Organizing and zoning

   • Commute

   • Beautification of city scapes

   • Heigh and density control

   • Population distributaion

   • & more...


Preventation, preperation, risk management and control planning for natural disasters and emergency are also a concern when we plan the cities of the next decades.


Our planning solutions thoroughly examine and consider topics such as air polution, sound and wave polution, health hazards, soil and land polution, vegetation growth, wind and rain effect studies, views and imaging improvment, access design, development guidline, and codes and regulation for urban growth.  Through partnership with city managemnets, we offer day to day services that helps cities to constantly evolve through planning process.  







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